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Planet as a Service

Seaplane PaaS is the planet-scale platform for serverless container workloads: a single global zone that computes where and when you need it.

Our Connected Planet
Unified Global Cloud

Take a global view

Clusters: The New VM

Fragmented public clouds force you to waste time building and operating complex architectures with increasing costs as you integrate their raw zones, regions, and geographies into a unified compute platform for your applications. Seaplane gives you a single cluster the size of the planet to compute when and where you want to.

Stop Cloud Waste

Stop paying for idle resources and exposed cloud plumbing

Run your containers on a unified worldwide platform

Use Open Standards

Avoid proprietary APIs and vendor lock-in using open standards you love

Seaplane runs standard containers and pods

Global From Day One

Start small and scale without re-engineering your apps for multi-region deployment

Run wherever your users are using Seaplane AutoPilot

Release News

Seaplane AutoPilot

Coming in 2021, AutoPilot allocates your cloud budget where and when it’s needed to meet your requirements in availability, regulations, and customer experience.  Take back control of your spending with our intelligent auto-scaling of the global compute resources you are using.

Seaplane AutoPilot


Set your baseline 

AutoPilot minimizes cost and complexity and meets your defined availability and performance goals


Define your ceiling

AutoPilot shifts resources around the planet to optimize user experience within your constraints


Continuously save

AutoPilot works for you!  Pay only for the compute you need, where and when you need it. Automatically.


FlyFirst Program

Fly First

Early Access

Early birds are already joining our Fly First program to deploy their containerized applications. Start with a single planet-wide cluster and add services including messaging, object storage, and geo-distributed NewSQL databases. We’ll take care of data sovereignty. Join Fly First to define a global cloud your way!

Planet-Scale Cluster

All Fly First reservations include Seaplane AutoPilot so you pay for compute where and when you need it

Data Services

Add reserved capacity in our foundational data services with your preferred regional and global provisioning

Early Boarding

For a limited time, the Fly First program includes complimentary white-glove custom cloud configurations​ 


Global Compute You Actually Use


Bespoke Platform

One size never fits all. Imagine your ideal global cloud footprint with the custom compute, networking and storage resources you need for your demanding workloads, deployed and managed where you need them. That’s what we do: put optimized, high-bandwidth resources within the Seaplane control plane to work for you.

Bespoke Platform


Based on an assessment of your workload behavior and needs, we work with you to define your whole-system service metrics and goals


We develop a bespoke global architecture tuned for real world results on your workloads and applications now and in the future


Enjoy a fully-managed build, deployment, and operations process with continuous optimization via the Seaplane Autopilot

Where Will You Fly First?