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Let’s take it from the top! What is a “planet as a service” and why do you need one?

It’s actually a simple idea. We deploy your containers where and when they need to run based on your traffic and business rules. You can think of it like a CDN for your compute. All the upsides of worldwide deployment without the usual cloud cost and complexity in doing it.

But it gets better. Wouldn’t it be great if you could continuously optimize the resources used by your applications to minimize waste? How about doing that while getting the best possible performance within your budget controls? That’s what our AutoPilot does. It monitors, predicts and reacts to changes in your needs to choose the best resources to use at the right place and time to delight your users. Our global control plane (our “C Plane”) implements those decisions by adjusting your planet-scale cluster as demand evolves and shifts time zones with your users and other workloads.

Your containers running where and when they need to is a simple but powerful concept. It is also one that gets straight to the heart of major industry problems such as cloud costs, scaling applications, devops & software architecture complexity, and better serving your customers wherever they happen to be today.

In this blog we’ll dive deeper into these problems and how we solve them for you. Next time, we’ll dig a little deeper into the causes of out of control cloud costs across the industry.