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About Us

Born in Silicon Valley and backed by Sequoia Capital, Seaplane builds planet-scale clusters for your containers.

We deliver serverless compute where and when you need it.

Our flight path

Breaking Through The Clouds

At Seaplane, we believe in eliminating cloud waste, scaling globally, and having our users spend only on the compute you need, where and when you need it.  So we built a control plane that takes you further using a serverless edge computing platform. Already we have points of presence in tens of countries around the world, and we’re growing fast.

Most application developers and enterprises use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to serve data to their users with the best possible performance all over the world. Our planet-scale cluster does the same for your applications by enabling you to run your existing containerized workloads on a worldwide basis automatically. We do the heavy lifting so that your applications are always available and continuously geo-optimized for performance.

Along with our own global latency-optimized compute backbone, we make use of capacity from public clouds as you need it. We seamlessly shift containers around the world to find the best resources for you and your users while respecting your business rules and regulatory requirements. Traditional clouds make costly and complicated multi-region active-active architectures your problem. At Seaplane, we take care of that, using our AutoPilot to minimize your costs. Fly with us today! 

Planet-scale Computing

Use your existing tools and run standard containers on a single global platform

That Works

Globally available, location and latency optimized, all fully managed by us

For You

AutoPilot cost-optimizer and auto-scaler ensures you only pay for what you really need


Cloud Costs And Complexity

Most enterprises waste over one third of their cloud spend, purely due to the complexity in developing and operating cloud-native applications. Computing costs spiral out of control even more rapidly as workloads scale.

Why has traditional exposed infrastructure made development and operations an unavoidably costly process? 

Cloud-native applications are forced to use a patchwork of zones, regions and geographies to deliver highly available, highly performant and scalable global applications. Unavoidably, resources are wasted, and the user experience suffers. Meeting data sovereignty and regulatory requirements causes even more complexity and wasted resources in an already complex world.

Fragmented Clouds

You need a global compute dial-tone, not a patchwork of services to assemble

Wasted Resources

Cloud costs are out of control. You should pay only for compute you need

Missed Opportunities

Your customers are everywhere. Why isn’t your application there for them?

One World

Planet as a Service

Isn’t Seaplane built on the same fragmented infrastructure? Are we really competing with the billions and billions of dollars invested in cloud infrastructure around the world?

Yes and Yes!

The clouds have done an amazing job building out incredible global infrastructure. But exposing the complex and fragmented physical design has led to astronomical cost and complexity in building applications on top of it. And that’s the problem Seaplane solves. We have built out our own global compute backbone and control plane, deployed in many worldwide locations much like CDNs, and integrated with the major public clouds.

What can we do for you?

By exposing a planet-scale cluster abstraction, we give you an easy-to-use target to deploy your containers and pods. Our platform deploys your applications, under control of your business rules, and steers traffic to the nearest location automatically. Our auto-scaling technology, AutoPilot, then scales and shifts resources around the world to give you the upside of multi-region active-active architectures without the complexity. You pay for the resources you are usefully consuming and your users experience the best possible performance no matter where they are. You’re welcome.

Unified Infrastructure

Seaplane’s backbone is a global control plane for our own compute and clouds

Open Standards

We use standard open interfaces so you control where your apps can run

Always Global

Your apps are always global in the best performing and cost optimized locations 

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